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Harry Potter has become hugely popular over the years, with 7 books and 8 films in total. With the first book published in 1997 then the first film released in 2001, up until the last film that was released in 2011. It is no wonder that it is so well-known, by so many. I think everyone has heard of Harry Potter or has seen at least one film. You also have true Potter fans that have read all the books and seen all the films! This makes it a great party theme for all ages and I’m sure it will continue to be so, for many years to come.

I got this idea for a blog post by a customer who sent an enquiry this week about Harry Potter tableware and decorations. I was so impressed with the design of the range available, that I just had to write about it and share some party ideas for a truly magical party.

Harry Potter Party ideas - napkinsThis particular Harry Potter party range is so well designed and the amount of detail included really is great. I was so impressed with absolutely all of it. The tableware has 2 different designs: one features the crests of the 4 different houses and the other feature the Hogwarts crest. These crests are used on other items across the Harry Potter Party Ideas - PLatesrange including decorations, bunting and table decorations also.






There are so many different ideas you could do for a Harry Potter party and when searching for ideas and inspiration there was so many to choose from. So I decided to jump on to my Nimbus 2000 and pick some of my favourite Harry Potter party ideas.

Harry potter party ideas


Harry Potter invitation – Hogwarts Letter style.

This seems to be such a popular idea to word and style your party invite around the Hogwarts letter. To be fair it is where the whole Harry Potter story and journey begins. When Harry starts getting letters delivered to The Cupboard Under the stairs, Privet Drive. So it is pretty much a necessity really.  You can create your Harry Potter Party ideas - Owl Postown invitations by creating parchment style paper by staining paper with some cold tea and a teabag. I have done this so many times for different craft projects and it is really effective.

Don’t forget to add your own personal wizarding details and make sure you add some Hogwarts details in as well, maybe the school crest.

Also what a great idea is this, have you invitations delivered by owl!

Attach your ‘Hogwarts letter’ invitations to some curling ribbon and tie on to a white balloon – draw on the balloon so it looks like your very own Hedwig. Then get ready for the owl post.


Hogwarts Sorting Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE this idea. Instead of the Sorting Hat sorting students/ guests into their houses, you have cupcakes instead.

All you need is a batch of cupcakes any flavour that you like, but chocolate does seem to make the ‘house’ icing stand out more. Once baked and cooled mix up some buttercream and colour to represent the different houses.

You will need: red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, green for Slytherin and yellow for Hufflepuff.

Then cut Harry Potter Party Ideas - sorting cupcakesout a small circle of cake from the inside of the cake and pipe or scoop in a little bit of the coloured buttercream. Pipe or cover over the top of the cupcake with just plain buttercream, so the coloured buttercream is hidden. Arrange the cupcakes in your very own Great Hall, making sure you have mixed all the different house colours up and let the sorting commence.

Harry Potter Treats, Sweets and Food ideas

What would Hogwarts be with out potions and spell ingredients. Plus Potions must be one of the most fun classes ever to do. For this there is so many ways to add them into your party.

But what about creating a centerpiece of different size jars and bottles and fill with different items that can represent particular things associated with the books.

For example:

  • Truth Serum – just fill with water
  • Polyjuice potion – something green and glittery or how about green slime!
  • Skele-gro – some milk or yogurt perhaps
  • Unicorn Blood – make sure it is pretty – but deadly!!
  • Gillyweed – find some weeds or long grass and top up with some water

When decorating your party venue don’t forget lots of candles to recreate the warm and glowing ambience of Hogwarts and help recreate the feel of the Great Hall. The LED ones that you can get that flicker like a real candle are a great idea. You can get these in tealights styles and also pillar church styles also. These are also a lot safer than real candles.

You could also create your very own Honeyduke’s Sweet shop, straight from Hogsmeade village. A favourite amongst any Hogwarts student or party witch or wizard. Use mini cauldrons and smHarry Potter Party Ideas - Golden Snitchesall jam jars to display a variety of sweet treats. Another good idea is to use striped coloured paper treat bags to fill with pick n mix style sweets and create your own ” Honeyduke’s Treat Mix” simply print labels and stick them for an inexpensive way to add a touch of Hogsmeade to your party.

Also there is a great idea to turn Ferrero Rocher Chocolates into Golden Snitches. All you need to do is cut out little ‘Snitch’ wings and glue onto the chocolate – easy!

Harry Potter Photo booth

Adding a touch of Harry Potter to the growing trend of photo booths will be a great addition to any Potter themed party.Harry Potter Party Ideas - photo props

You could create a backdrop for the party guests to stand in front of – a good one could be the infamous Platform 9 3/4. Create your own by making a fake brick wall and creating a platform sign.

There is also some fab ‘Have you seen this Wizard’ photo booth frames. That people have made to represent the post in the Daily Prophet for when Sirius Black had escaped.

If for an easier option these Harry Potter props will add a touch of Hogwarts to any selfie.


When your fellow witches and wizards are ready to depart back on the Hogwarts Express don’t forget a treat bag filled with jelly beans to represent Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

Harry Potter Party Ideas - Bertie beans

Now excuse me while I go and have a Harry Potter film marathon!

For more ideas and inspiration check out our Harry Potter Party ideas board on Pinterest.


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