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.Some of you may or may not know but I am a MASSIVE Disney fan. The latest Disney live action film was the new re-telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast. I went to see it on its release day in the UK Friday 17th March. If you haven’t seen it you really must – it really is breathtakingly beautiful!

Film trailer for the 2017 Beauty and the Beast film
Beauty and the Beast 2017

So, I thought this would be a great time to do a post on Beauty and the Beast party ideas.

So sit back, get comfy and Be Our Guest…

Beauty & the Beast Party ideas

A Beauty and the Beast party is timeless. It is a perfect theme for all ages, including adults.

Planning a party doesn’t have to be time-consuming, overwhelming or expensive. You don’t need to have a budget anywhere need the millions of dollars it cost to create the film.

When planning a Beauty and the Beast party consider incorporating things from the film. You could include:

  • Songs and even the soundtrack from the film. You could play ‘Be Our Guest’ as your guests are arriving at the Castle/ venue
  • You could have the original film available to play during the party
  • Have a collection of objects that could be used for decorating, these could include teacups, candelabras and other enchanted items
  • Books to represent the love that Belle has
  • Roses either real or even silk to represent the enchanted rose

Decoration ideas

  • Setting is the scene is very important and colour  is a great way to do this. So are balloons, I love these that I found on Pinterest. I love the simplicity of the gold balloons – that represent the colour of Belle’s ball gown then a navy ribbon bow
  • On the table you could make up some signs inside picture frames of your favourite quotes from the film
  • Tableware could either be a licensed party range or you could go with plain coloured tableware in golds, navy and even some red accents
  • In the film Belle is known for her love of books, so an idea for a decoration would be to use pages from old books as a table runner.

Take pages from the books and glue them together in a random pattern with some overlapping.  Repeat this until you have the desired length. You could use books you no longer want or you could visit local charity shops.

To also represent the love of books you could have piles of books on the table if you wasn’t keen on the table runner idea.

  • The enchanted rose is a must have- saw this great image on Pinterest and it looks very easy to recreate.

You will need a faux rose – you can pick these up in most home ware shops, a glass cylinder vase – raid the cupboards or again can be picked up quite cheap from home stores and then a base – a gold plastic plate would make a great plinth for the rose to stand on and then place the vase over the top.

Food ideas

  • Use cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches think tea cups, teapots – Mrs Potts and other shapes associated with the film
  • Have teapots filled with chocolate milkshake or flavoured juice for children to pour into their own Chip teacups
  • Another great use for tea cups is to serve food in – how about strawberry jelly
  • Beauty & the Beast is set in France so it’s a good idea is to add some french food to the party table – baguettes are always a good choice, rolls with a cheese and ham filling ( a take on a croque monsieur), chocolate croissants or for older children you could add some macaroons in a variety of flavours
  • Cupcakes are a must for any party and a Beauty and the Beast party is no exception! You could top cupcakes with a Strawberry rose – there are lots of YouTube videos on how to create these

Craft ideas

Having crafts at a party is a great idea and then when the children have finished they have something they can take home after the party.

  • Decorate an enchanted mirror is a brilliant activity – you can either buy some cheap handheld mirrors or even find a template online and then print them out. Then have a selection of stick on gems, glitter, stickers, lace, ribbon anything really for everyone to create their very own enchanted mirror

Entertainment ideas

There are a lot of companies out there that offer Princess experiences. The character of your choice comes to your home and can sing, dance and even play games at the party, these are a great idea for younger children. I have had the pleasure of working with Chloe from Let It Glow Events Princess Parties before and she really is excellent as well as all the other princesses that work with here. If you are in London or the surrounding home counties check out the Facebook page:

I hope you liked these ideas, please add any of your own Beauty and the Beast party ideas and may you live happily ever after.

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