Ahoy Mateys | Themed Pirate Party ideas

One of the best themes for a party is pirates, this is a great theme for all ages.  If having a mix of both boys and girls attending you could always include a girly by adding: Mermaids, Princesses, Pixies or Fairies, or even female pirates – the choice is yours.

Below you will find some pirate party ideas.

Pirate party ideas

So first things first – invitations.

Pirate party ideas invitation example

This is the first thing people will see so set the scene of the party off right and have pirate themed invites. You can order some great invites that can be personalised from Etsy or other internet sites but if you are feeling more creative you can make your own.

I love the idea of ageing paper with the classic cold tea method and ripping the edges to make them look old and then adding all your relevant party information on. You could also include some pirate language as well, some examples are:

  • Ahoy me hearties
  • Captain Luke* invites you to search for Buried Treasure  (* add your own child’s name in)
  • Lets Walk the Plank
  • All hands on deck to celebrate

If it is a fancy dress party make sure you mention this on the invitations, so parents have time to get an outfit sorted in time for the party.

Once you have sent out the invites you can get started on the party decor and any other items that you may need.

Decorations really are a must with any party and a themed party they are doubly important. Again you can be creative and make your own as well as mixing in shop brought decorations. The key for a themed party is really is to have a vision and then work on that. Also having a limited colour  palette that fits in with the theme is also a great way of making sure everything works together. So with a pirate party the best colours to use are red, white and black. You can then use these colours in your decorations including balloons, banners, tableware and anything else.

A great way to set a party scene is bunting – I absolutely love bunting and for a birthday it really is a must. Again if you are feeling creative you can make something special and individual for your child. You don’t need to be great at sewing – there doesn’t even need to be any sewing. A great material for bunting is burlap/ hessian. You can buy this cheaply at any fabric shop and it is a great material. You could always buy several different materials and alternate these for a more impressive bunting or stick with just the one. With hessian you can paint directly on it with emulsion. So the opportunities are endless – you could include the child’s name, shapes – skull and crossbones or even a pirate slogan. Or if you are feeling particular crafty you could also try a rag tie garland – I absolutely love these and they look really effective. All you need is some fabric in a few different designs that coordinate with each other, cut strips and just knot them on to a ribbon or string and away you go! These make a great backdrop for a dedicated photo area or even behind the food table.

Pirate party ideas bunting

Now leading on from that lets talk food. Everyone loves party food and with a themed party you can really get more creative then some sandwiches and cold sausages. A great way to do this is by naming items and creating items that again fit in with the theme. So your sausages wouldn’t just be sausages they would be dead man’s fingers!

Other ideas include:

  • Chicken Nuggets – Golden Nuggets
  • Malteasers – Cannon Balls
  • Crackers – Polly’s Crackers
  • Coke bottle sweets – Captain’s Rum
  • Fish Fingers – Shark Bait
  • Chicken Wings – Grilled Parrot


You can also use cookie cutters and cut different foods into pirate related shapes including pizzas and even sandwiches. You can even arrange things into shapes of pirate related items. Don’t forget drinks – these could be served up as: Pirate Punch or Sea Water.  Serve up food in mini red buckets and look out for any jewelled cups or other items that would fit into the theme.

Games at a party are a must and this is another great way to add the pirate element in.  If you have space you could do a variation of walking the plank – this can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  You could have a strip of wood over a paddling pool and then the children take it in turns to walk across the plank. The paddling pool could be filled with water* with inflatable crocodiles or sharks in. To make it harder each turn you could have volunteer cannon squirters and have them squirt the children with water pistols as they come across the ‘plank.’ *Depending on the age of the children…where ever water is involved please make sure an adult is present at all times. Again the pool could be empty the decision is up to you*.

Another pirate related game could be a variation of a treasure hunt and the children have to find certain items that have been hidden – jewels are a must! Not really a game as such but a great way to turn the party guests into proper full on pirates is to have a tattoo station set up with a variety of pirate related temporary tattoos – check out Amazon or eBay for these and you could even get some eye patches and fake earrings also.

Children love party bags and with these you can also carry the theme on. For example:

  • Fill cellophane bags with gold chocolate coins to represent treasure tied with red ribbon and a tag on saying Pirate Booty
  • Have normal party bags filled with any treats you prefer but have a tag with a skull and crossbones on with the text: Thanks for coming Matey

Another lovely idea is instead of children taking home a party bag, have them create something at the party that they can then take home. This could be anything from a bracelet to even a themed shaped biscuit that they ice and decorate to take home. These activities will also fill time at the party so make sure you allocate enough time for these.

Well my hearties I think this ship is ready to set sail, so until next time have a great party!






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