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Halloween Party Checklist

Halloween Party Checklist

Halloween Party Checklist

so you can make sure you have everything for a spooktacular Halloween

With Halloween only a few weeks away it is prime time to make sure you have everything that you will need to throw a fabulous Halloween Party. So, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a Halloween Party Checklist. This will help you make sure you get everything you need for a spooktacular Halloween.

Halloween Party Food

When thinking about what food to serve, take into consideration what you would normally serve and then give it a Halloween twist. Give hot dogs a gory twist with plenty of blood (tomato ketchup) to go on top. Jelly is a great dish to serve at a Halloween Party – due to all the different colours of jelly you can buy to make. Plus after you have made it you can add in a variety of sweet worms and other gruesome treats to make up a bug infested swamp!

Halloween Photo Booth

With the venue decorated and the possibility of those attending dressed up a photo booth is a great addition to a Halloween party. Add in some Halloween themed props: Witches Hats, Broomsticks, plastic rats and anything else you have and you are pretty much good to go.  You could also buy some Halloween themed photo booth props, check out the ones we have over on the Party Ease shop. You will find them here: https://partyease.co.uk/product-category/halloween/halloween-party-bags-fun/


Creating the perfect Halloween atmosphere is easily done with some music been played in the background. Have a look online and create a playlist or even check out the shops for a themed CD…make sure you have Thriller and The Monster Mash!


Make sure you catch some spooktacular moments during the party and have a camera at hand. Make sure batteries are charged and it is easily reached when needed.


What is Halloween without a Pumpkin? I wouldn’t like to find out. So make sure you have plenty of carved pumpkins dotted around the party venue. You could also get the party guests involved and they could carve their own pumpkin to take home with them at the end of the night.

Also, don’t forget the tealights or LED lights to light up all those Jack O’Lanterns!


Make sure you stock up and have plenty of sweets and treats ready for the party. Also make sure you have some put aside for any Trick or Treaters, if you are having the party on the 31st, that may come later in the evening.


As with the food you can also make drinks with a spooky touch. Serve up drinks in spooky cups and add some Halloween straws. You could also make some gruesome drinks by adding gummy sweets crawling out of the glasses or pour lemonade on to the top of fruit juice to make a foamy potion.

How about making a punch (bowl of juice) and add a frozen floating hand into the bow. To do this fill a plastic glove with water and freeze, you could even add some food colouring to the water. Place the glove into the freezer to freeze and once frozen peel off the glove and add into the punch bowl.

Check out these straws and add these Spooky Spider Straws from the Party Ease shop into drinks to give them added scare factor.

Party Bags

Kids love a party bag and why should a Halloween party be any different. There are lots of themed party bags that you can buy and fill with some treats and the odd trick!


For a Halloween party less is definitely not more. More is definitely more! You have so much that you can do for decorating the party venue. Decorations could fit in with a theme if you have one. Or you could just go all spooky out with spiders, web and anything else Halloweeny. Balloons are a great thing to get and create the atmosphere and set the scene straight away.


Make sure that you get all you need including plates, cups, napkins and a tablecover. Make a note of how many guests you have coming, so you know how many of each item you will need. It is always a good idea to get extra plates and napkins. As these are the things that get used a lot more often. Plus any left over napkins are always useful to wrap up cake, if having. For guests to take home and can easily be put into party bags.


There are so many Halloween costumes & accessories to buy so make sure you get one early. Most supermarkets have a variety of costumes, so is always a good idea to have a look around. If you are planning to wear a costume at the party, make sure you let all the guests know. So they too have time to get a Halloween costume to wear.

Games and Prizes

Games are a great idea to play at Halloween parties. Even the classic party games can be given a Halloween twist.

If you are having younger children attend, a Halloween Pass the Parcel is a great game to play. Plus the Halloween music will come in as well. Get a Halloween themed prize and then wrap in Halloween paper or even orange and black tissue paper. Make sure you have enough extra sweets to go in between the layers. Another good game to play for slightly older children to play is Apple Bobbing. Then all you really need to buy is a bag of apples.

Any games that are played make sure you pick up a few little prizes for the winners. These only need to be something small like some Halloween chocolate lollies or even a small Halloween themed toy.

Make sure you check out our Halloween section for some great Halloween tableware, decorations, photo booth props and much more! https://partyease.co.uk/product-category/halloween/