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Mermaid Party | Fit for any Little Mermaid

A Mermaid Party

A Mermaid Party has been a big party trend for years. From the days of Arial, a mermaid party has always been a great choice. Plus now with the live version of The Little Mermaid coming to cinemas in August, this theme won’t be disappearing any time soon.

No wonder we have so many Mermaid party ranges still been released and continuing throughout 2018. Currently we have 4 Mermaid ranges available on the Party Ease website: Mermaid Wishes, Be a Mermaid & Magical Mermaids have all been released this year.

So dive underwater, grab all your Mermaid friends and lets have a party that Arial would be proud of!

Mermaid Wishes

Mermaid Wishes, Mermaid Party

This is a gorgeous range that features a stunning colour scheme of purple, gold & turquoise. This really creates more of a grown up feel, so would be perfect for older girls. Plus the play on words has to be one of may favourites things ever – perfect way to shellebrate! It has a great selection of tableware, decorations and even tattoos!

The range also has a great selection of decorations. Mermaid Wishes, Mermaid PartyThe selection of balloons in this range is brilliant & would be perfect for creating a really visual display – perhaps at the entrance of the party venue.







Be a Mermaid 

Be a Mermaid, Mermaid Party

This range would be great for younger girls who love everything about Mermaids. The colour palette has more of a pastel feel with pale pinks and blues. In the range there is tableware with a selection of the usual plates & cups etc but also has some surprise additions.

Including some party bag fillers that include a selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair slides, that will be perfect for adorning any Mermaids. be a Mermaid, Mermaid Party

Magical Mermaids

This range really has a touch of magic to it & the products almost look like they are sparkling, almost like the sun when it reflects on the surface of water. Magical Mermaids, Mermaid Party

The party game in this range is a take on the popular pin the tail on the donkey, but for this is replaced with a mermaid and seahorse stickers. The game would be a great addition to any Mermaid party.









Mermaid Friends 

Mermaid Friends Mermaid PartyThis range just excludes happiness – looking at this range you can’t help but smile!

The mermaid is surrounded by all her sea creature friends and they look like they will make sure the party is great, so don’t think you will need much more! She looks like she has it all sorted.








Once you have chosen your favourite tableware make sure you add in some personal touches to make sure that the party is perfect for you. I think welcome signs are a great way of adding a personal touch to any party. I personally love a sign (or 2). They are an easy yet cheap way to add a special touch to your party. You can even personalise them and include the name of your very own little Mermaid.

Mermaid Party SignMermaid Party Sign

So be a Mermaid and make some waves and have an absolutely mer-mazing party!!

Alternative Party Ideas

Alternative Party Ideas

Coming up with interesting and new party ideas year after year can be a challenge. Having something different from what classmates have had and thinking of something totally original can be a nightmare. So I thought I would have a look and share some alternative party ideas with you. Ideas that are a little bit different but most importantly will be lots of fun.

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