Happy Halloween

With a new design and overall look to the website I thought it was a perfect time to start a blog. Plus with Halloween knocking, I thought this was an ideal time and topic!


“There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight” – Author Unknown

I love Halloween!! Love everything about it…love the season, the leaves on the floor, the celebrations. But more than Halloween its self, the best part for me is the planning!

Picking a theme ( different every year) and getting everything that goes with that chosen theme – decorations, games, food ideas! The lot!!

So I thought I would share some ideas with you…

Decorations: Once you have your chosen theme then you can start thinking what will go with it. The number one thing has to be a pumpkin – can’t go wrong with one of those especially with all the cool ideas that you can put on to them or just a regular Jack O Lantern – safety wise the LED tealights that you can get are a great idea and having your candle blow out will be a thing of the past.

Also I am a great believer in wreaths are not just for Christmas – but every season. A simple twig wreath with cobweb effect decorations on it and a plastic bat, spider etc would make a great welcome for your guests . Top tip – with the cobweb decorations that you can buy in the bag, when you use it stretch it and then stretch it again – the more you do it the more realistic it looks.

For one Halloween party we covered the walls of the room in black bin liners. This was a great blank canvas to then decorate on top of. I created a graveyard by drawing directly on the bin bags with a white correction pen – but you could also use a chalk pen. I then drew a tree, buildings & tombstones with plays on words like: IMA Goner, I B Ded – you can find loads of other ideas online.


If you are not crafty or don’t have time you can get some great some scene setters and some brilliant decorations and don’t forget balloons – these make a massive visual impact and set the scene instantly.

Games: One of the most popular Halloween games has to be the mummy wrap…where  you have a “mummy” and then you  wrap the mummy up completely in bandages (toilet roll).

For one  Halloween party I came up with Witches Limbo (would have been part of the theme of course!) Was a variation on normal Limbo – but we used a Witches Broomstick. Then 2 people held the broomstick while the children limboed underneath. Now, this game was meant to be a quick 10 minute game while waiting for some hot dogs BUT the children loved it and we ended up playing it for ages!  So sometimes the more basic game turns out to be the most effective.

Food: Even the most simple of foods can be given a Halloween twist – Hot dogs become witches fingers with or without blood ( tomato sauce), sandwiches can also be given a Halloween makeover by cutting them out with cookie cutters in Halloween shapes and drinks can also become spooky with bottle labels that you can buy or even just a jug of juice topped with lemonade and called Witches Brew plus a Halloween straw will add to the overall effect.

Even treats can get a Halloween makeover – you can even combine food treats and a decoration in one.


I used this spooky ‘eye’ as a way to hand out trick or treat sweets last Halloween and the children loved pulling out an eyeball!

Was easy to do as well…just used a screwdriver to make random holes all over the pumpkin and then added the lollies – simple yet spook-tacular!

And on that note I am going to wish you all a great Halloween and remember more is always more when it comes to Halloween!

Let us know what you think