Letter from Santa Claus straight from the North Pole

Ho Ho Ho from the North Pole

We are proud to announce that this year we are sending letters from the big man in red and sending them straight to those on the Nice list. 

The letters will be sent out in December direct to the child and will include details that are personal to them. They will include their name. age, where they live and a special achievement or something they have done well at throughout the year.


The letters are hand designed and are printed on quality cream paper.

Letters will be sent in a festive red envelope making them easy to spot once they have left the North Pole and have been delivered to where they need to go.

Festive Activity

Included with the letter is this Festive Sticker Scene complete with stickers to decorate. 

The stickers have a great selection of festive associated things. Ranging from Elves, Snowmen, variety of toys and of course, Santa Claus. 

This is a great activity for children to do and is lovely to do on the run up to Christmas Eve.

Personalised letters are available to order now and cost £4.50 with free postage. 

You can order yours now here: https://partyease.co.uk/product/personalised-letter-from-santa-claus/

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