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Epic Party ideas | How to throw an EPIC Birthday Party

BOYS…Boys will always be boys & throwing them a party can be tricky. They are always changing their minds. What they like is always changing at a moments notice & as parents you are always the last to be told. But are meant to bet the first to know that they haven’t liked whatever since last week!! 

As they get older, it gets even harder to throw them a birthday party.  Deciding on a particular theme can be difficult. They are to old for the classic Pirates or Cowboys, so choices can be limited. But not now, now there is EPIC. 

EPIC combines all that boys love. It includes: fast food, gaming, hashtags, emojis just to mention a few.  Combined all in one party theme. The theme has coordinating tableware & decorations that are designed perfectly for older boys. The range can be a great starting part for the start of a totally EPIC party. You can add your own touches, like decoration, party games etc for your very own totally epic party. 

We have shared a few of our own EPIC party ideas for you…

Epic party ideas food

EPIC Party Food ideas

The EPIC range is filled with all things fast! So when you are thinking about food to serve at the party – this is a great place to start. Think burgers, chips, pizza & put together build your own.

Have a table set up with burger buns, lettuce, ketchup, cheese & other toppings so they can build their burger their own way.

Or your very own pizzeria – with ready made bases, selection of cheeses, meat products: ham, hot-dogs, pepperoni & few vegetables…(might not be used)

Then have some chips & sauce to go alongside your epic food.

EPIC Party Decoration ideas

When it comes to older boys less is more when it comes to decorations. So make your decorations stand out & create a big impact. 

Balloons are great. They create a massive impact & straight away they say party.

A birthday banner is always a good decoration & helps celebrate the occasion & you can get those that coordinate to carry on the theme & create even more of an impact. 

A few balloons & a banner really is all you need for an older boys birthday. 

Epic party slime

EPIC Party Favour ideas

Everybody loves a favour, something to take home with them. You just need to take into consideration the ages of those attending, 

There not just for young children & why should they be. What to put in them gets a bit tricky though. 

So why not think more EPIC…how about a game voucher or some XBOX points or a mini toy dart gun or a gumball machine. Just need to think outside the box to think of something that they would enjoy. 

Or how about getting them to make their own slime to take home? Slime is so popular lately & could be a great activity for them to do at the party & to take home with them as well. Double EPIC!

Check out the glow in the dark slime on our EPIC pinterest board. 

For more EPIC party ideas check out our Pinterest board 

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