Hello Summer!

hello summer

Summer has to be one of the best times of year. The sun is hopefully shining, days are longer, the flowers are in bloom. Everything seems better.  People are generally more happier (probably the increase in Vitamin D) plus in the evenings the distinct smell of Barbecues fill the air.


Summer also houses the school holidays. Six weeks! Six glorious weeks to fill with activities, days out, possible trips away and lots more time to spend with family and friends.

So we have listed some of the things we enjoy doing in the Summer.

A fun filed summer


Picnics must be one of the best summer traditions. What is better than eating al-fresco? Plus the bonus of a picnic is that you can have it pretty much anywhere. A local park, the beach or if the weather cancels play indoors. Over the years I have had many carpet picnics. If heading out for a picnic there is a few essentials that will make your picnic even better!

picnics in the summer


  • A rug – this will be the focal point of any picnic and will make sitting on sand or wet grass more comfortable
  • Cool bag – incredibly handy for keeping drinks cool and any food. A great tip is to freeze drinks the night before and then by the time they are ready to be drunk they are nice and cold and with the slight texture of a slushy.
  • Things to do – if heading to the beach or an open space. You could take along some games or things to do/ play when there. These could include a cricket set, a kite or a small net for looking in rock pools.

Days out

Summer time makes for some great days out and lots of things to see and go to. Lots of local attractions have a lot of deals in the holidays and you can find some great deals that are brilliant value for money. Social media is great to find out what is happening in your local area as well as notice boards in cafes, museums and libraries.  I am an avid farm fan and love going to farms. I love seeing all the baby animals and getting to feed them and also visiting the gift shop for the obligatory pencil! Even may also be able to squeeze in an ice cream.

One of my all time favourite things to do in summer is go Strawberry picking, it is a great place to go and is perfect for all ages. There really is something that says summer when you are picking strawberries ripened in the British sunshine and trying the odd few – just to check ripeness of course! Lot of fruit farms also have lots of other varieties of soft fruit available as well. Then of course once you have your fruit at home you can turn it into a variety of things including jam or simply served with cream or my absolute favourite – the simple yet delicious Eton Mess. Strawberries, cream and meringue what could be better!

Strawberry picking



Going away on a holiday as a family is a great way to spend some of the school holidays. It is a great way to get away from everything and just take the time to relax.

Some of my best memories from when I was younger was going on summer holidays. As a family we used to go camping. So we would drive through the night to get to the site and when nearly there we would stop at a Little Chef! We had a trailer tent and as the years progressed that turned into a caravan…we would spend the days playing, swimming, going to the beach and just enjoying life in general.  Then the evening would be spent having barbecues or going for a walk along the beach in the evening and collecting endless amounts of shells.

Summer Seashells

Travelling is a great thing to do if you are able and children can learn so much. Doesn’t have to be abroad – all our summer holidays where spent in Cornwall.  But what you learn, experiences you have and even friends you make can last for years to come.

Wet Days

We live in England. So the likelihood of having a rainy day is very likely! But these also can be filled with activity and things to do.

Crafts are a brilliant way to fill a day – stock up on paper, pens, paints, colouring pencils, stickers – all of which can be found in your local cheap shop or even the supermarket. A lot of these shops also have tubs or packs filled with pom poms, lolly sticks, coloured feathers and bright shiny gems which are perfect for sticking on pictures or decorating any handmade creations with.

Watching a film is also a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Stick on a DVD or find something on the movie channel, grab some blankets and some popcorn and you are pretty much set for a couple of hours. My favourite films have to be Disney & Disney Pixar, but the classic Disney films are some of best films ever.

Another fun thing to do is cooking and baking. There is nothing better than getting your hands in flour and measuring out ingredients and then the best bit – licking the bowl afterwards! Check out our Kids Cookery Idea board on Pinterest for some yummy inspiration.

Also, when the rain has stopped you can stick your wellies on and head back outside. Take in that amazing clean smell after it has rained – there is nothing quiet like it. It is also the perfect opportunity to go jumping in puddles and if you are lucky you may even see a rainbow.

Summer rainbow

Obviously these activities don’t have to be only done when it rains. They are great to do anytime and are good for when calm is needed – either the children or the parents!

What ever you get up to this summer, make sure it is great.  Spend it with those you love, doing things that you love!


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