Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party | will it be a boy or a girl

Finding out the gender of a baby must be a very exciting time for parents. Some couples wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. But some parents are happy to share this information with their nearest and dearest via a Gender Reveal or a Gender Reveal Party.

Firstly what is a Gender Reveal Party?

Well, a Gender Reveal Party is similar to a baby shower. But at the reveal the gender is revealed to everyone – yes EVERYONE. The parents to be, family, friends basically everyone who is there, will find out the gender of the baby.  The gender is confirmed by a scan and then normally kept secret from the parents to be and passed on to who ever is creating the reveal. It doesn’t have to be a full on party environment, the reveal can be done with a photo shoot or even sending announcement cards and to even posting something on social media.

The reveal can be revealed in many ways. From Balloons to cakes the possibilities are endless. Doing a quick Google search, some people have come up with some great ideas.

This balloon was used for a Gender Reveal local to me and was created by Michelle from ShellBelles Boutique. The balloon was filled with coloured confetti inside that represented the gender of the baby.

Gender Reveal balloon
Photography Credit: ShellBelles Boutique

ShellBelles have created and provided a few balloons for events and parties we have organised and are always top quality.  You can get in contact with ShellBelles Boutique via the website


At Party Ease we have a range that was created especially for a Gender Reveal Party. Bow or Bowtie is a cute range featuring bows to represent a girl and bow ties to represent a boy.  It has everything you would need for a gender reveal party including tableware, decorations and even cute little scratch cards that can be used to reveal the gender of the baby. Gender reveal party cups

You can view the range for your own reveal here:

A Gender reveal party is really popular with celebrities with Kylie Jenner posting a video 2 days ago on Snapchat. Where she had organised a Gender reveal party for a friend:

If it’s good enough for them, then it is good enough for us.


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