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One question I get asked a lot is: What can I do different for my child’s birthday party? Do you have any ideas?

The answer is YES!

When it comes to parties I personally love the classics. By this I mean the classic party themes, the parties that you went to when you were young. They have lasted the test of time for a reason, just look at pirates for example.

But if you are looking for something different. Something with a little bit more of a WOW factor.  Then I have picked 5 of my favourite themes to give you a little bit of party inspiration.

Woodland party

When I think of a woodland I think of trees, leaves, nature, wildlife and that fresh, clean, earthy smell. What could be better for a party. We already have some decoration ideas covered straightaway. As well as some fancy dress ideas, if you want to go down that route . Think cute little foxes, a scary bear and you could even have a lumberjack! This theme is perfect for an outdoor party if the time of year is suitable. When decorating the venue go with a natural colour palette. Then add some touches of the outdoors: leaves, pine cones, sticks etc. You could even go on a woodland walk before the party.  But please remember not to pick any flowers or anything that is growing – only take things that you find on the floor. 

This theme can also be easily adapted to a Enchanted Fairy forest party. Just add in some magical touches, some fairy dust and your very own party fairy’s and you are pretty much there.



What child doesn’t love or want to be a superhero??  When thinking of a superhero party think of the colours that make up the most “popular” heroes. So: black, red, blue and yellow. With these colours in mind you can use them for decorations, tableware, the birthday cake and anything else needed. Make sure you include the words associated with the action scenes especially the more classic shows – POW, BOOM, ZAP, WHAM.  A cool idea for during the party is to get the guests to create their own superhero mask. To keep their identity secret. You can buy pre cut masks or you can find templates online and then print them out, then just stock up on pencils, coloured pens, glitter and some ribbon to secure the masks.  This theme doesn’t have to be predominately a boys theme. Girls can also like superheroes. Plus what is Superman without Supergirl, Batman without Batgirl and not forgetting Wonder Woman herself?!


Roll up, Roll up, the carnival is in town! This is a perfect theme for summer time and an outdoor venue – full of bright colours, lots of fun and all the treats that go with it. With this theme more really is more. I’m talking bright coloured balloons, signs for all the attractions and LOTS and LOTS of bunting – red and white stripes really screams carnival. While at the party think of some of the classic carnival games including ring toss, tin can alley and even hook a duck (this can easily be recreated with a paddling pool, some fishing nets and of course some rubber ducks!) and don’t forget the entertainment…what about hiring a clown or a balloon artist? What about a face painter or how about a carnival photo booth…complete with clown noses, top hats, silly smiles and some fun moustaches. Don’t forget the party food. Again have some and then get more…hot dogs, ice cream cones, candy floss, popcorn, sweets, burgers, fizzy pop! Don’t forget to send the guests home with a prize – just maybe not a goldfish!

Sleepover party

Sleepovers are a fab party theme and are perfect all year round. They are also great for children, who may be getting slightly to old for the classic  birthday party. But not to old yet, not to want to celebrate with friends. There is so many different directions to take a sleepover. You could go with a pamper feel complete with mini manicures, facials and plenty of treats or a movie night with popcorn, sweets and a favourite film to watch.  When getting ready for the sleepover try and have a dedicated room for them all to sleep in and get cosy. Make it extra special with lots of cushions, cosy bedding and fairy lights. A really lovely gift idea, is to get all the guests matching pyjamas – a great photo/ selfie opportunity right there! Don’t forget the snacks for a midnight feast or if the party is towards the end of year you could think of setting up a hot chocolate bar complete with all the toppings including marshmallows, squirty cream, chocolate buttons and anything else you may think of.


Red riding picnic party

An absolute classic theme given a modern twist by combining it with a picnic. When planning the party think of the story and how you can incorporate items from it into the party: so located somewhere within the party area you could have a basket full of treats, some delicious cakes and bakes baked by Grandma and could even include a big bad wolf (or maybe not!) With decorating the venue a massive clue is in the name – red! After all it wouldn’t be Red Riding Hood with out some red included. A great idea would be to use plain red tableware: plates, cups etc. As Red Riding Hood also has to go into the wood to visit Grandma you could include some cute woodland themed ideas into the party as well like some cute toadstool cupcakes or some friendly forest friends.  Plus don’t forget Red Riding Hood herself make sure she has her cape ready and her basket is full of delicious homemade treats ready to take to Grandma’s House.

I hope these have given you some inspiration and some ideas of what to do for your child’s next birthday party.




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