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Baby Showers are an increasing trend, that is becoming more and more popular following on from the American tradition.  They are the celebration of a soon to be arrival of a new baby.  The mother to be is “showered” with gifts for herself and the baby as well. A baby shower is traditionally organised by a close friend and is normally held 4-8 weeks before the due date.

Showers were traditionally held for the first baby and only women were invited – both these traditions are slowly been broken. Showers for the mum and dad are growing and I can imagine these really beginning to take off.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities – Eda J. LeShan

Throwing a baby shower is a lovely thing to do and I personally have thrown 2 for close friends. I will be sharing some baby shower ideas, so you can shower your lovely mum to be in style.

Baby Shower Ideas | Themes

Once you have the venue and date sorted the exciting bits begin. Firstly you need to have a theme (yes I am all about the theme.) Once you have this you can plan everything else around it like decorations, favours, tableware and anything else.

With themes there really is so many options and routes you caBaby Shower idea theme n go down. Try to take into consideration the mum to be and what you know about her. Her likes, favourites things etc and try to include them into the theme and the shower overall.

For example if she loves books you could have a book theme. A great book choice is the Guess How Much I Love You book by Sam McBratney. If you haven’t read this book it is a true classic. It features the story of the Big Nut & Little Nut Brown Hare and how the dad tells his son that he loves him to the moon and back.  Following on with the book theme you could ask guests to bring a book along as a gift.

At Party Ease we also sell a Guess How Much I Love You  range, that is very popular and features the watercolour illustrations from the book.

The theme doesn’t have to be classic, you can literally do anything you like. The theme can incorporate the gender of the baby if known or more of a gender neutral theme if not. Or you could go down the gender reveal route – but that is a whole different blog post!

If you are after theme inspiration check out Kara’s Party Ideas Baby Shower  This page features some fantastic real life baby showers, my favourite theme ideas have to be: The Under Construction theme – such a cute idea and the Safari Animal Baby Shower. Even though it features showers mostly from America, the baby shower ideas and inspiration it can give you is phenomenal.

Baby Shower Ideas | Decorations


Baby Shower ideas for decorating - baby clothes bunting

Banners, bunting, balloons. confetti…What to have, what to get, what not to get – decorations can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Again having your theme figured out or even just a colour scheme is key to when choosing decorations.


Decorations can be ready made or you can make some yourself or even a mix of the two. Bunting is a favourite of mine and is such an easy thing to make and no sewing is needed! You can pick up fabric from a local haberdashery stall, department stores or online. Once you have your fabric, make a template so all your flags will be the same size. Then cut them out and then use double sided tape to attach to ribbon or twine of your choice. Also if the mum to be already has children, you could get them involved to help make decorations.


I also love the idea of creating decorations with baby clothes. The clothes could then be used after as gifts for the baby. You could also mix up the type of baby clothes you use. You could include vests, socks, bibs baby grows – pretty much anything.

If you are looking for decorations to buy don’t forget to check out the baby shower decorations we have over on the online party shop.



Food doesn’t necessarily have to be served at a baby shower but it really makes it more of a celebration. Food served really is down to personal preference. You could hire a caterer to prepare everything. Or if you are having the shower at a venue, you could pick somewhere that provides/ serves food. But then, you could always do something yourself.  A popular food choice seems to be afternoon tea based, with sandwiches and small cakes and sweet treats.

Drinks could be just soft drinks and tea and coffee. Or you could provide guests with a glass of something to celebrate. Some people tend to stay clear of this as obviously the mum-to-be can’t participate – even though I bet she could!


Playing games is a great way to break the ice – especially if not all guests know each other. There is a great selection of games you can buy which are perfect. You can also get ones that coordinate with any chosen tableware.

Baby Shower Ideas game prediction cards
Showered with Love Prediction Cards

We sell a selection of baby shower games that coordinate with themes as well as other classic baby shower games,  don’t forget to check them out.

Like decorations, you can always make games or go with something more activity based. Before writing this I asked family and friends if they had any good suggestions from showers they had been too. Some of them where fab ideas. My top three are:

  1. Buy loads of nappies and have a selection of sharpie pens (any excuse for a Sharpie and I am all over it!) Then get guests to write messages, draw pictures and general words of encouragement for the parents to be to read during late night feeds and nappy changes.
  2. Get every guest to bring a baby photo of themselves and put these all up at the shower and then people have to guess who’s baby photo is who.
  3. Pledge cards – I think these are great. Guests write pledges for when the baby arrives – may it be cook a meal, do some washing, baby sit so the mum-to-be can have a bath or take a sibling out for the day if appropriate.



Providing favours to give to guests when they leave is a lovely idea & is a nice way to say thank you for them coming along and any gift they may have brought along.

Mentioning gifts – if gifts are given at the shower it may be worth making sure they are labelled properly and put to one side. It is up to the mum-to-be whether she opens the presents at the shower or takes them home to open with her partner.  A friend also mentioned that this then takes away the pressure of anyone who didn’t bring a gift – some may have just come along to shower the mum to be with love, support and advice.

There is some brilliant ideas for favours online and some of the best that I found on Pinterest where:

  • Small cellophane bags filled with popcorn – with a tag saying “Ready to Pop”. The bag could also be personalised to the shower with coordinating ribbon to represent the gender or tie in (no pun intended) with the theme.
  • Tea bag envelopes – with a tag saying “A Baby is Brewing.”  Great for if the mum to be is a tea fiend.
  • Brown small envelopes filled with flower seeds – with a tag “The baby/ name (if known) is blooming.” Can also include the date and also the mums to be nameBaby Shower idea for favours - flower seed packets

I really do love the ideas of favours that are handmade. They have more of a meaning and a personally connection to the mum to be. One of the baby showers I organised for a friend I made cellophane bags filled with homemade malteaser fudge – as she loved both. So I thought why not combine them both into one special gift.

I hope this post has given you plenty of ideas and reading for a showery day.


Check out our Baby Shower Board on Pinterest for more favour ideas and much more baby shower ideas.



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