10 Tips to Throwing a Children’s Party on a Budget

10 Tips to throwing a Children’s Party on a Budget

Throwing your child a birthday party doesn’t have to break the bank. If you are looking for some cost saving tips here are our 10 top tips to help cut cost.  But not cut out any of the fun.

our top 10 budget party tips

Here are our best tips for helping stick to the budget and help you throw a children’s party on a budget. 10 Tips to throwing a Children's Party on a Budget

  1. Timing – The time of day you have your party can make a massive difference. If you hold the party between 2-5 pm this is after lunch but yet before dinner time so you can just have a few nibbles on offer or even just the birthday cake.
  2. Start Planning Early – If you start planning birthday parties early then you can stretch buying things over a larger period of time and avoid last minute expensive spending.
  3. Go Digital – In an age of social media, text messages, email and many more use these things to your advantage and send invites via these methods to parents direct. Just don’t forget to remind them to RSVP!
  4. Double Up – If your child has a friend’s birthday that is close to theirs, consider doubling up with them. Then you will be able to share costs with the other parents.
  5. Party Bags – Party bags can be a massive cost and sometimes for not a lot to show for it. Remove them altogether and offer a craft activity for all the children to do at the party. You could even pick something that may fit in with any party theme that you have chosen.
  6. Entertainment – instead of expensive party entertainers go back to basics and the classics and play some low cost party games. What about Dead Lions or even Musical Statues. Plus what is a party without Pass the Parcel. Keep costs down as well by using one prize that is suitable for all the guests. How about book or a mini chalkboard set.
  7. Mix & Match – Mix shop brought party supplies and DIY ones that you make yourself to create decorations that are specific to your party. Balloons also are a low cost way of creating a massive impact.
  8. Venue – Keep away from expensive venues and have the party at home if you can. If not contact a variety of venues in advance and see if you can get a discounts for booking early.
  9. Keep it Small – Don’t feel pressured into inviting the whole school class, friends and family members, next door neighbour etc. Just invite those who are closest to your child.
  10. Finally the Cake – Everyone loves cake at a party & blowing out the candles has to be one of the best parts of a birthday party. So take this into consideration and get a basic cake and some candles and get ready to make a wish. Or even get cupcakes, one for each child – less waste than a massive birthday cake. Or get out your apron and make you own cake (stay turned for Foodie Friday for our best cake recipes)





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