Our love for Parties & how we started

Parties! I love a party and the best part was organising it!

I had always loved organising parties for family and friends. I loved nothing
more than picking a theme and creating and sourcing items to go alongside that chosen theme. Spending days ( if not weeks) looking at tableware, decorations, games to coordinate and also goodies to make.

Whilst doing this I came among numerous problems all the time…if the theme wasn’t something that was trending or the new film at the cinema, it was difficult to find things that you needed.

Try organising a pirate party before Pirates of the Caribbean had even come out.

With this in mind and the fact that I LOVE parties I decided to turn it into a business idea. From the start I knew that I wanted the name to be a play on the word parties…so the name Party Ease was born.

Since starting the website and the business has continued to grow and develop and now going into our 4th year of trading we now offer numerous baby shower ranges, christening ranges, 1st birthday ranges, boy ranges, girl ranges as well as universal party ranges that are suitable for either boy or girl.

I still love looking for new and exciting ranges and I hope that you love them as much as me!


Party Ease owner and founder

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