The Lion King | A king of a production!

The theatre has always been a love of mine. Ever since I was younger and was taken to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat starring Jason Donovan in the lead role. Since then it has been a love of mine and I have been luckier enough to go and see several musical productions on stage.

The Lion KingLast week I was lucky enough to go and see Disney’s The Lion King, in London’s West End.

Now I am also a massive Disney fan.  I love all the films – especially the classics and I believe that you are never to old for a Disney movie.

So for two of my loves to have come together in one production, it just had to be seen.


The Lion KingI have wanted to see The Lion King on stage for a long time and finally got to last Friday.  Let me tell you it was most definitely worth the wait.

So many friends have told me that The Lion King was the best they had seen, that it is amazing, that it is incredible and was in awe of the whole thing. Well, let me tell you they are most definitely right!


I won’t give to much about the production away, just in case you are planning to see it. But if you can, try and get an aisle seat. It will be an experience! I went as part of a local coach trip, so had no say over the way tickets are distributed but I was incredibly lucky to get the seat right on the end of an aisle.  Was absolutely incredible!

The production overall was so very well done and the actors must have incredible strength to do these shows. The puppetry and animatrics are totally awe-inspiring and it really is very well done. During the show I sometimes forgot that all the Lions and other animals are actually people! You totally get absorbed in the production and are almost a part of it. Even so, that I was actually quite overwhelmed and emotional during a couple of the scenes.

Everything about it is fantastic. Costumes – fantastic, acting – fantastic, humour – fantastic. I loved how little bits of relevant information are added in to make the show current. Was very clever and well done!

Please, if you haven’t seen this production and are a fan of the film, Disney in general or the theatre please try and get to see this show. It is perfect for all ages and you won’t be disappointed. It really is one of the best shows I have seen – it is incredible! It really is a must see.

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