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Starting a small business began many years ago. I had always loved organising parties and kids parties are one of the best! You can go over the top and pick any theme imaginable ( I am one for a theme – you may have noticed this, if not you soon will) So after some consideration and deciding to focus solely on children’s parties and special occasions I thought why the hell not, lets give it a go, lets start a small business – how hard can it be?

Well, truthfully it has been the hardest thing but the most rewarding and life changing thing I have ever done!

Things I never even thought of or even considered became part of my ever day. For example SEO, Meta descriptions, website content, websites in general – getting used to uploading and adding products to the website (which at the beginning I never knew I had to do. Thought that was the website designers job)  #naive #noclue

But it’s not all bad. Over the years these things I never even considered, have now become and are second nature to me. Plus there are things, things that make it all worthwhile…these make the stress, late nights and endless worry all worth while.

These include:

  • Been a part of a child’s birthday every year and seeing them develop from a baby and turning into a toddler and hopefully continuing to be part of their lives for years to come
  • Getting approached by local charities and been part of their story, providing decorations, helping promote them and the message they are trying to get across
  • Been approached by other small businesses to collaborate and help each other
  • Receiving reviews that pull on your heart-strings and thank you for providing a great service and helping been part of families lifelong memories
  • Meeting other people who have small businesses and over the years now counting them as friends

But one of the biggest and most amazing achievements and feelings is when people place orders. Be it through a Google search or been recommended by friends or family, this for me is one, and still is one of the most amazing feelings. Every time, I do a little happy dance. It feels incredible and my stomach still does a flip and it is the best part to know that I have the possibility to be a part of a family’s life for years to come…we do more that supply party supplies we help create memories as well.

Every time an order comes through its treated as it’s the first. The same care and attention is added into each order. This includes: orders lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, personalised and handwritten cards and other little secret touches that are currently been worked on! 😉

I feel blessed that people have chosen to order from this small business and helped to support it and continue to do so. Hopefully this continues and this small business will be one day at the top of the party supply market!

So, to everyone who has ordered, orders regularly, is planning to place an order and who continues to support me THANK YOU


Supporting a small business


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